Ecobeton Vetrofluid Is Unrivalled as a Non-Film Forming Cure

For new Airfield and Landside concrete Ecobeton Vetrofluid® to dramatically reduce surface cracking & eliminate film removal prep work before striping.  Core samples show, time after time, that Vetrofluid® penetrates and permanently protects up to 3-inches when used as a cure on new concrete.


After treating concrete with Vetrofluid, this concrete sample was submerged into a penetrating blue dye at 12-atm pressure for 3-days before being removed from the dye bath and having this core sample taken.  The sample shows not only the depth to which Vetrofluid can penetrate but also that the penetrating dye could not be pushed through Vetrofluid’s protection.

Early Application Provides the Best Protection

Vetrofluid® can be used on concrete of any age but test after test after test proves that the best results come with the earliest application.  Vetrofluid® is a concrete anti-degradation product and stopping degradation before it begins ensures unprecedented concrete longevity.  Vetrofluid® is a one-time, permanent application.

Core sample from new runway concrete tests that shows the depth of protection inside the concrete provided by Vetrofluid® when used as a cure.  Sample cut and tested April, 2023.


We cannot state this enough – Vetrofluid is PERMANENT CONCRETE PROTECTION.

Learn more about Vetrofluid and see some of the independent test results here.

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