Permanent Protection for Concrete

Vetrofluid® is permanent waterproofing, protecting concrete from deterioration caused by salts, freeze & thaw cycles, corrosive chemicals and more. It is a formula of proprietary catalysts and selected silicates that allows Vetrofluid® to penetrate concrete to depths of 1 1/2 inches on average. Vetrofluid® seals the pores of the concrete and becomes a permanent barrier, when applied to either the positive or negative pressure side. Vetrofluid® permanently waterproofs, hardens and protects all types of concrete.

Surface Armor® More information will be coming soon for Surface Armor, a deep penetrating, catalyzed, sodium-silicate activated, engineered cementitious composite that micro-coats, rejuvenates, resurfaces and provides concrete with a highly protective shield while also deeply penetrating and strongly bonding to and repairing cracked concrete.  Surface Armor is an Ecobeton-USA & GST International collaboration.


Unique Protection and Illumination

Everwood® is used for protecting all types of wood from deterioration. Everwood® penetrates the wood’s porosity and binds to the internal structure to form a permanent barrier. Everwood® is a particularly effective flame retardant once cured and it protects wood from the absorption of water and moisture. Everwood® extends the durability of the wood while still accepting any surface paints or treatments.

Fluocem Light® is a glow-in-the-dark cementitious overlay formulated to provide a light-emitting finish for decorative, architectural, pedestrian traffic or other purposes at a low thickness over any cement or asphalt substrate. Fluocem Light is a blend of photoluminescent aggregate and concrete. Fluocem Light absorbs sunlight, or any visible light, and provides photoluminescent illumination during the night. Two to four hours of direct exposure to sunlight may yield from 8 up to 12 hours of glow at night.

More information coming soon

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