Proving to Extend Usage of Plywood Forms

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Formed concrete foundations, parking garages, bridges and more all use the same basic materials, PLYWOOD – and a lot of it.  Plywood used for construction has traditionally had a very short lifecycle, often in service for no more than 2 to 3 uses.  Plywood treated with Vetrofluid has shown to extend the life of concrete-forming plywood many times over!

Concrete-forming plywood was treated with Vetrofluid by multiple concrete contractors around the country and they are amazed by the results. Because of its simple application, deep penetration and water impermeability, Vetrofluid is being used on the plywood as a release agent and sealer.

"Manassas, VA-based JMZ Construction sprayed their concrete forming systems with VetroFluid in an effort to extend the life of their MDO plywood. A unit of MDO plywood is made out of 53 sheets, or 1,696 square feet. JMZ bought 5-5 gal. buckets and sprayed all 53 sheets twice, both side of each. They used the plywood on the forming system after a two-day drying period. MDO plywood is often used three to four times. The VetroFluid sprayed plywood lasted 10 times as long. The VetroFluid produced a layer of defense against form-release toxins, halting inevitable degradation. The plywood is still holding up after being used to build a table in their shop. With the outcomes, JMZ is happy to use VetroFluid in their work”.
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How does it work?

Concrete contractors are quickly and easily applying a single application of Vetrofluid via low-pressure spray directly onto the plywood used for forming and then allowing time to cure before concrete placement.  That’s it.

Strike-off is easier and cleaner leaving the wood surface cleaner.  Vetrofluid not only protects plywood from the elements, it also protects the plywood from leaching and absorbing water from the concrete as it cures which in-turn also greatly delays the swelling, delamination and breakdown of wood used for forming.

Single Product with Multiple Uses

Why complicate the process or add costs with APA plyform or treat with single purpose products like VOC containing epoxy-based concrete form coatings when you could use the simple-to-apply Vetrofluid that you use for curing, waterproofing, strengthening and now also for very cost effectively treating plywood.  Read more about Vetrofluid.

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