Vetrofluid's Depth of Penetration Visualized

We are not burying the lead here, we want you to see for yourself Vetrolfuid’s amazing depth of penetration into concrete.  Looking at the image you can plainly see how deep into concrete Ecobeton-USA’s Vetrofluid penetrates and protects!  Vetrofluid’s unique catalyst allows concrete penetration of about 112-inches (or 40-mm) on average before Vetrofluid cures into an impermeable layer of glass within the concrete.


After treating concrete with Vetrofluid, this concrete sample was submerged into a penetrating blue dye at 12-atm pressure for 3-days before being removed from the dye bath and having this core sample taken.  The sample shows not only the depth to which Vetrofluid can penetrate but also that the penetrating dye could not be pushed through Vetrofluid’s protection.


Conrete is pourous, this is not news

Concrete has always been porous with micro bubbles, tiny voids, pockets around pieces of aggregate.  Concrete’s structure is similar to that of a sponge, albeit a dense sponge.  Go out and pour a cup of water on some concrete and watch as it absorbs into the surface.

Conrcete penetrated 1.5 inches resists dye shown in core sample.

Of course, concrete’s permeability varies based on numerous factors, but concrete permeability is why there is such a big market for sealers.  There are also sealer solvents and sealer removers for removing sealers that generally have a short lifespan before requiring reapplication.

We cannot state this enough – Vetrofluid is PERMANENT.

Learn more about Vetrofluid and see some of the independent test results here.

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