Vetrofluid is being used at major U.S. International airports

Vetrofluid has been the tested at International Airports throughout the United States with additional ongoing testing by Airports and Airport Engineering firms as a permanent concrete Anti-Deterioration Product (ADP).  Exhaustive multi-party tests involving airports and national airport engineering firms continue to prove the reliability of Vetrofluid’s performance for the prevention of chemical and water intrusion, unsurpassed crack mitigation, increased compressive & flexural strength, freeze/thaw cycle protection, coating & paint adhesion, friction characteristics testing, wear testing, aggregate adhesion, surface discoloration and more.  These proven results, along with its simple application, have placed Vetrofluid into airport specifications for new concrete placement and for application during rehabilitation and maintenance cycles. 

FAA Section 8, Item P-633: Permanent Concrete Pavement Anti-Deterioration

The FAA Airport Constructions Standards (AC 150-5370-10) will include Item P-633 – Cement Concrete Pavement Anti-Deterioration specifications for performance.  The purpose of this product is strengthening the upper 1 ½ inch +/- (40 mm +/-) of new, worn or eroded concrete surfaces.  Vetrofluid meets or exceed all of these specification requirements (read the reports here).

Airfield & Landside

Maintenance on airfield concrete is extremely aggressive.   Ultra-high-pressure water is used to remove touchdown area rubber, painted markings and striping, fuel and contaminant spills.   Heavy aircraft traffic and snow removal equipment cause increased damage & deterioration to all concrete.  

Vetrofluid’s simple, permanent, one-time application penetrates deeply before curing and blocks contaminants from doing the same. Airport landside concrete maintenance teams are reporting that Vetrofluid treated concrete cleans more quickly, much more thoroughly and even chewing gum releases more easily! Vetrofluid landside treated concrete uses less time, water and chemicals for cleaning, realizing maintenance costs savings of 40% +/-.  Vetrofluid treated concrete also requires less crack and spall repair and dramitcally reduces the costs associate with concrete repair & maintenance.
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