Vetrofluid Keeping Concrete's Aesthetics

When people enter your offices or your business, one of the first things they see is the concrete that they step on.  Even if your concrete is fairly clean, it can still fall prey to that nasty looking, mashed-into-the concrete chewing gum!  Along with all of the other stains that time will bring from food, organic materials, oils and contaminants, Ecobeton-USA’s Vetrofluid is now being implemented by restaurant & service station chains for its ability to limit deep staining and adhesion.

Only what you want to stick

Vetrofluid penetrates deeply and cures within the pores of the concrete and settles just beneath the concrete’s surface, permanently becoming part of the concrete matrix.  Vetrofluid does not allow chewing gum to melt deeply into the concrete making gum removal much faster, easier and more complete with standard pressure washing equipment. 

Vetrofluid does allow for the adhesion of paints such as parking lot and traffic flow lines.  Paint adhesion specification with Vetrofluid treated concrete have even been included in the DOT FAA Airport Construction Standards for painted lines on airport runways!

If your concrete is going to last a really long time, it may as well look good doing it!

Vetrofluid never needs to be reapplied, it is a one-time, permanent anti-deterioration protection.  Vetrofluid eliminates or greatly mitigates spider cracking – which can be the beginning of concrete’s failure.  It also can greatly reduce spalling (think of crumbling curb lines, thresholds being used by pallet jacks and fork trucks, etc.) extending the serviceable life-cycle of your concrete.  Vetrofluid treated concrete is proving to keep its integrity and curb appeal for a lifetime.

Gum and other stains, scuffs & skidmarks clean up and lift off of Vetrofluid treated concrete far more quickly, completely and efficiently.

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